AAC Blocks Project Consulting

AAC blocks project consulting services

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for your responses posted on my website as well as sent by email. I am amazed to see so much interest in AAC blocks. I provide AAC blocks project consulting services and I couldn’t have asked for a better response. I offer customized packages to suit client requirements Many of you have approached me seeking information about AAC blocks and I have tried my best to help them with relevant information for free. Some have even asked for very specific details which I am afraid I can’t reveal without charging them. Please understand that although AAC blocks project consulting is very satisfying, earning knowledge about any product involves costs in terms of time, money and effort. Moreover I also work with other consultants dealing with aspects like marketing, branding, etc. and I have to compensate them accordingly. I am posting this to keep things transparent. Please feel free to ask me for information. If it is general information then I would love to share it with you and in case it involves any charges, I’ll let you know about the same.

Thank you all once again.


Vishal Kansagra

AAC blocks project consulting services

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